Plus-Size Fashion Guide: Choosing the Right Dress

September 6, 2017

Plus-Size Fashion Guide: Choosing the Right Dress

Are you reading this because you are a plus-size woman and you don’t know the right dress to wear?  This the right place for you.


No matter your body shape is, you have the right to choose and wear the clothes you want. However, you just need to know the right cut, color, and fit that will suit you and help flatter your body to the maximum level.


Remember this, plus-size ladies: choosing the right dress to flatter your figure follows the same guidelines. Your whole body, even plus-size, still have something to boast for. Highlight that feature by choosing the right dress for you. You may want to visit this to start choosing a dress:


For the meantime, here’s a plus-size fashion guide for choosing the right dress based on cut, color, and fit.

The Cut

There are many kinds of dresses depending on its shape and style. However, there are just a few common cuts you’ll find while you’re shopping.


A-line or fit and flare: Plus-size women can wear this kind of dress BUT need to consider the structure and the fabric used. Clingy or thin fabrics are to avoid because it will hug every curve of your body. Instead, choose the thicker fabrics because it will keep your shape.


Empire waist: This dress cut is perfect for ladies with pear- or triangle-shaped bodies. Put ruffles on top of an empire-waist dress to balance the view of your upper and lower halves.


Straight: This kind of dress has no natural waistline. Plus size women may not like how this dress fits. However, this looks great on women who have broader shoulders and chests, and smaller hips.


Color is another significant thing to consider when choosing the right dress for your body. Light colors emphasize the shape of the body while dark colors downplay. Black is universally flattering, that is why plus size women are suggested to always wear dresses that are color black (or in the family of black).


If you need to wear a light-colored dress, make sure to match it with a structured silhouette that will flatter your body. Do not wear any dress with horizontal stripes pattern and large, bold patterns. These designs add volume to your body and you don’t want it to happen.


As an etiquette, a garment that is too tight or too loose will be unflattering. Aside from making you uncomfortable, it will really make you in pain.


It is very important to find a dress that fits right for you. Before you buy, make sure that you’ve tried it already. Many online clothing stores have their measurement chart for finding what size you are in their clothes, so carefully check that on their website when shopping.