Choosing the best handbag for the right occasion

August 24, 2017

Handbags were in previous times just used for functional purpose. They were used for storing money or carry valuables or any essentials. However, even in the past, there have been many instances where handbags were used to add the style factor and complete the look. They make a women’s look defined and add a sense of confidence too. Whatever the outfit one may wear, if you accessorize it with a good handbag, that’s all you would need to look good for the day.


Always check for the quality and material of the handbag while buying. You may not be using for a long time but make sure you get a good deal for your money. Check for the material, fasteners like zips and buttons, handle and locks. Check for the place it’s providing if it will be enough for the purpose you buying. Check the various sections the handbag has.

Another reason can be that there is a bag for every occasion or outfit. It then almost becomes a sort of companion that a woman leans on. With stylish designer bags, she becomes the envy of others when she enters the venue with her dazzling outfit and an amazing handbag. Though clutches too have become an integral part of women’s bag mania, the craze for small to large-sized bags will continue forever. Now that luxury and designer bags accepted as an investment, the mania is only going to be more.

You will have to carry a bigger sized bag. Hence, consider what things you need to carry so as to choose the size of the bag.

Matching does not mean matching colours and designs but a bag that will go with your outfit.


This type of handbags are the ones which can be used as a handbag or a purse, its straps are designed in such a way that if one has to travel or is outdoor all day then this can be a great choice. The straps can be pulled to be a backpack when required. This type of bag can be used as a normal handbag as well.

There will not be single women who would say no to a handbag if someone gifts her or buys for her. Some women simply love collecting handbags where ever they go. Other have a strong liking for certain types of handbags and feel comfortable buying and using those only.

They can store anything to everything in it. It is almost like they carry their whole world in it. A woman is also known by the handbag she carries and also the items she stores in it.

Also it’s not important what you carry outside or inside but how you carry it that matters. There is something about women who know how to carry themselves where ever they go. Even if you have a highly branded expensive purse but you don’t carry it well and if does not go well with what you are wearing, then it will be a total disaster. A cheap handbag can also be made to look stylish when its carried in the right way at the right place. Many women invest in various hi end brands to maintain and show their status and taste.