Everything you Need to Know About PiYo

September 8, 2017

PiYo is a kind of workout that doesn’t require any exercise equipment. Doing the routines of this exercise doesn’t include jumping, grunting, straining, and other difficult training. In other words, with PiYo workout, you can be fit without punishing your body.

What is PiYo?

The PiYo workout is a total-body fitness system created to shape and define your body. It combines the exercises of Pilates and yoga to build a more improved strength, lose weight, and increase flexibility. If you really want to learn more about PiYo, read on.


The whole idea of this workout was created by Chalene Johnson. She is also the founder of Turbo Kick system, an effective workout that burns up to 1000 calories per hour. It PiYo was designed for everyone who wants the benefits of either a yoga or Pilates workout, but with a higher-energy and higher-sweat class.

PiYo is Unique

PiYo is a simple yet not ordinary workout. It is different from yoga or Pilates alone since blends the two workouts in many ways. Aside from mixing together these two mind-body exercises, it also adds some elements of martial arts and dance for a more intense and kick-booty workout. According to instructors, it is also effective to use an upbeat, mainstream music, rather than traditional zen yoga music. By this, students will be more excited and interested in the workout.

Strength and Cardio

PiYo system is a total-body strengthening workout. The poses used in this exercise are the key elements to engage both the large and small muscles of the body. By working in and out of poses such as plank, side plank, core work, and squats, you will be able to build strength using your own body’s resistance.


Unlike the usual yoga and Pilates classes, PiYo workouts are aerobic. PiYo classes aim to increase your heart rate, burn calories and make you sweat by linking together dynamic and constantly flowing exercises. Each PiYo class is definitely low-impact but high energy, with routines and poses taken from the traditional yoga, Pilates, as well as dance.

Other Benefits

According to long-time PiYo teachers, their classes not only build muscle and help you increase your cardiac health. It also helps each participant to improve the flexibility of the muscles. The teachers also said that each exercise in PiYo classes helps to increase the range of motion in joints, improve balance and energy, and reduce stress. This will lead for a total mind-body and blissed-out workout.