Interior Design

Everything you Need to Know Before Starting an Office

December 21, 2017

Your startup business requires great vision, superior marketing, endless hours at work, plenty of energy boosters, and a suitable office space to execute your plans. Obviously, a few deep-pocketed investors would also be useful, and your design choices can help you draw in those investors. However, if that design of yours is not inspiring, it can harm your whole business and can drive investors away.


Your Office is a Factor

If you are still a startup, the best choice of place to conduct presentations and meetings is in your office. According to a research, investors are more likely to fund or advance in a business if they know that a startup enterprise is stable enough. Having an office, even in a small place, is one of the signs of showing how stable you are as an entrepreneur and how eager you are to grow as a business owner.

However, you must consider many factors before finally build an office. You must balance high functionality with low cost while maintaining your image in the process. Here are the things you must know before starting your heaven.


Build an Identity

Start with an eye-catching entrance signage and an engaging, pleasant entryway. This is the first and most powerful impression you will make on investors, as well as on future customers. Blend this design into the more functional areas. Be playful with colors and design combination while still sticking to your theme.


Be Flexible

Startup offices tend to undergo rapid change by definition. Today’s open workspace may be tomorrow’s function hall, library, or even office lounge. It is better to keep your design as flexible as possible within your corporate identity and functional needs. An overall open structure with easily modifiable spaces and furniture shows both investors and employees that you are thinking ahead.


Choose a Color

It’s not rare for people to get all confused when deciding how to decorate an office. In fact, the process is quite contradictory: you’re supposed to create a working environment that motivates you, but you still expect it to feel comfortable. Set a productive mood with interesting but non-distracting color schemes and accents. Know the different colors that may suit the working environment of your office.


Ergonomic Furniture

Nowadays, ergonomic furniture is a must in an office. Being an ergonomic office means having it designed for efficiency and comfort. Adjustable height desk for offices is everywhere so you don’t have to worry where to get it. Comfortable chairs are also easy to find since many business owners, as well as interior designers, prefer this kind of furniture pieces.