Lose Weight, Eat Right

September 17, 2017

Dieting has become a worldwide obsession for almost all people, especially women. For the record, nearly a quarter of all Americans claim they are currently on a diet.


Given that more than half of our population are considered overweight, eating well and proper workout are great ways to get healthy. However, there’s one strategy that can do more harm than good, that is taking weight loss pills.


There are more than a hundred prescription medications and over-the-counter supplements for weight loss. They work in different ways. However, some are may not good for you.


Below is an example of a 5-day weight loss diet plan that you can follow:

Day 1

Breakfast – oatmeal, ground flax, maple syrup, a cup of skim milk

Lunch – spinach salad with almonds, half cup of mandarin oranges, half cup of bean sprouts with raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Snack – a small apple and water

Dinner – baked salmon, two cups of steamed vegetables, half cup of brown rice


Day 2

Breakfast – vegetable omelet, a slice of whole wheat bread, a small orange

Lunch – half a cup of tuna or salmon, half tablespoon mayonnaise, an ounce of low-fat cheddar, a whole wheat dinner roll, a cup of raw vegetables

Snack – a cup of yogurt or an energy drink

Dinner – four ounces grilled honey skinless chicken breast, a tablespoon of honey sauce, half sweet potato, a cup of broccoli, two teaspoons of butter


Day 3

Breakfast – one-third cooked rolled oats, a cup of almonds, half cup or berries, once sliced of mango

Lunch – two pieces of tofu hot dogs, a small whole wheat bun, a cup of mixed greens with vinaigrette

Snack – three-fourths cup of cottage cheese, a cup strawberries

Dinner – four ounce baked sole with fresh herbs and lemon, half cup brown rice, a cup of mixed greens, vinaigrette dressing


Day 4

Breakfast – fruit smoothie consisting of eight ounces of almond milk, banana, half cup blueberries, one tablespoon of flax oil, a glass of energy drink

Lunch – two ounces grilled chicken breast, a cup of mixed greens, half cup cherry tomatoes, a cup raw broccoli, small amount of fat ranch dressing

Snack – a nectarine, and four Melba toast with low-fat cheese

Dinner – half cup whole wheat spaghetti with sauce, spinach salad with bean sprouts, almonds, vinaigrette dressing


Day 5

Breakfast – half cup of muesli, half cup of plain yogurt, half cup mixed berries

Lunch – two hard boiled eggs, a cup of mixed greens with green pepper, carrots, bean sprouts, vinaigrette dressing

Snack – a piece of banana and a handful of trail mix

Dinner – three ounce of tofu cutlet, two cups of steamed vegetables, and half a cup of brown rice