Top Websites that Function like Craigslist

November 6, 2017

Craigslist brings a unique way to find goods and services online, there are a few setbacks to the online classifieds system such as Scams run raging, growing spam are uncontrollable and as well as the minimalist design lacks user-friendly application. Maybe it’s time to look somewhere for online classified ads. Below are top websites like Craigslist.

eBay Classifieds

This website offers you the same benefits of Craigslist with the credibility of the eBay brand. eBay Classifieds brings most of the same category listings, from jobs to selling and renting, and more than thousands of ads are posted every month. The only category lacking from the site is personal ads (which could be a pro or con depending on your needs). And a recent redesign showed a much more user-friendly interface, including the ability to see and sort items with their photos.


Pawngo isn’t totally like Craigslist in its capability to search services online, job listings and might as well as apartment rentals, though, much like the name suggests, the site makes a digital spin on the concept of pawn shops. It is perfect for users trying to make a little extra cash from jewelry.


This website helps users find and sell used items in an easier aspect. Also, you can exchange anything from pets to home listings appear, though it works best for actual products. Recycler also features a very easy to use the search tool, making the sorting process less strenuous.


Oodle is seemingly the biggest rival of Craigslist because it aggregates posts from various other sites into its hub. The site displays internal listings but also ones from eBay and Facebook Marketplace if you prefer to sign in with your Facebook account. Unlike other swap sites, Oodle also brings a section for services instead of just goods and even houses a place for personal ads. Users can also create a listing for items you’re seeking. And here is the best part, Oodle has its’ own mobile app.


This site, same as Recycler, isn’t great for career or apartment listings, however, it does allow for the bartering of goods and services. It is pretty much a swap site where you can offer up some of your time or a product and trade for something else you might want or need It’s more compact than Craigslist and may work for one-off instances when you need to get something specific done.